Issues on tadpoles and vacuum redefinitions in String Theory

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    technique sea tadpole: Topics by

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    Review ARTICLE

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    B 59 Crossref Google Scholar. Bianchi and A. Sagnotti, Twist symmetry and open string wilson lines Nucl. Sagnotti, On the systematics of open string theories Phys. Still, toward the end of this Subsection we shall encounter a similar phenomenon, clearly within a perturbative setting, where the resummation will unquestionably collapse to a few terms to land at an extremum, and therefore it is worthwhile to pause and devote to this issue some further thought.

    Notice the precise agreement with the first four terms in 2.

    String theory - Brian Greene

    The second correction, that when regarded as a resum- mation in 2. These steps, however, do not have a direct interpretation in terms of Feynman diagram tadpole resummations, since 2. The reason behind the relative simplicity of the cubic potential 2. There is a slight technical advantage in returning to the example of eq. The expansions 2. However, the cubic equation 2.

    In this case both a cubic and a quartic vertex are present, and the complete expression for the vacuum energy, obtained substituting 2. We can now compare 2. The important points in the scalar potential are again the extrema and the inflections, precisely as we had seen in the example with a cubic potential. In order to recover the result 2.